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Initially this website has been developed by our friend, Andy, from with the idea of listing t-shirt blogs all over the web. We took over from Andy somewhere around 2014 and kept going in the same direction.

During 2014 and 2016 we have received numerous requests from blogs and brands alike. Blogs wanted to join the list but the quality (most of the times blogspot-type) wasn’t that great, while brands wanted to have a presence in a location that┬ádidn’t really fit them and it wouldn’t have helped after all. It didn’t take much and the list was consisted of maybe 5-6 blogs worth reading and the rest were just an add-on to a pile.

On the other side of the fence, we did brand pages on TeeHunter for a long time now and we know that you have to pair an audience that loves t-shirts with the site that sells the t-shirt if you want to, duh, sell t-shirts. would make sense to pair up brands with the blogs that help them promote their t-shirts.

With all this in mind, we have revamped just recently (early 2016) and we’re looking to craft it as a network of blogs that we own and manage that could help growing the t-shirt community, especially the entrepreneurs looking to start a t-shirt company or running one as we speak but struggling with the day to day operations.

Currently we have just listed our two properties, which are the largest t-shirt blog ( and an amazing round-up blog ( We’re going to start crafting more articles, guides and how-to’s soon.

It’s a constant process, stick with us!

The idea behind
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